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NDB BC, Brasschaat, 28 May 2006.

The beacon is at Brasschaat along the Mastenweg.
Arriving at Brasschaat via the N122 go to the west over Beauvoislaan. Immediately after passing Taverne "Den Draver" you turn right into Franseweg. The first road to the right is Mastendreef. The beacon is just past the lake on the LHS of the road.

The top of the beacon was just visible when looking from Franseweg over the lake. You have here a beautiful piece of nature, a nice spot for a picnic.

NDB antenna BC - Brasschaat, 28 May 2006.

NDB antenna BC.

NDB antenna BC - detail.

This path leads you to the NDB.

Behind the trees is the NDB.

The top is just above the trees.