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VOR/DME SPI, Sprimont, 2008

On his way to France Wim used the opportunity to make photos of two DVORS near to Liege. At Sprimont his navigator system brought him in a very small village, west of Lincé. But no beacon was to find there. After spending lots of time he decided to ask someone (in French). The beacon was located over 2 km from this place, near to Lincé.

Route to SPI, 5.5 km – ca. 8 min.

Take at the A26 the exit 45 to Sprimont, go in direction west on the Rue de Louveigné/N678 (signs to Sprimont/N678.) Go further on the N678, go straight on at two roundabouts. After 2.7 km, easy bent to the right at Rue Bawapuce, after 0.6 km the Rue Bawapuce turns left and becomes Rue de Xhygnez. After 0.6 km, easy bent to the right onto Rue Henri Simon. A moment later turn right onto Rue de l’ Epargne. T he beacon is at the corner with the Rue de Pèce.

May 3rd 2009 Wim and I visited Sprimont to make a new sound recording.

“Tourist information:“
Just a few kilometres east from Sprimont you can visit the village of Banneux, a place of pilgrimage.
Click here for information (in French).
Click here for information (in English)(Site possible not compleet).

photo SPI
VOR/DMI antenna SPI, 1 August 2008

photo Rue Epargne

photo Rue de Pece

photo SPI
SPI, May 3rd 2009.

photo Grafitty