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Dijon VOR/DMI DJL (VORTAC DIJ), 30 July 2007.

Hurrah, a VORTAC. Those are on military terrain. In this case with soldiers who look in the direction of that car with foreign text on its sides! And of course signs who tells you that it’s not allouwed to take pictures. So 200mm lens at the camera and took quickly the photos.

South of Dijon just below the A39 you find Neuilly-les-Dijon at the D905. Coming from the D905 you turn into the village via the Allée des Marronniers. This road has a turn to the left, going on in a turn to the right, with a square at the LHS. After passing the square the main road turns to the left, de Rue de Général De Gaulle. At Google Earth you can see that this is the right place, the pictures are only in big blocks. The road changes names into Chemin de Rouvres and u get the military terrain at the RHS. At the spot where you are not alowed to go on you see the VORTAC.

2011:This beacon has had its name changed. Nowadays the name DIJ stands for only the TACAN.

VOR/TAC DIJ, 30 July 2007.