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Montlucon Domérat NDB, MC, August 3rd 2009

Route from Montlucon (D916) to MC, ca 8.5 km – 14 min.
Start in northwest direction at the Avenue Jules Védrines/D916 to the Rue Frédéric Mistral. Go on at the D916 and go straight at one roundabout. After 5.2 km you go with an easy bent to the right onto the D340/Rue de la Pérelle. After 0.9 km you turn left onto the D114. Drive for 2 km at the D114, then turn left and the beacon is after 200 metres at the LHS.

photo NDB MC 03-09-2009
NDB MC, August 3rd 2009.

photo MC

photo sign Domérat