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Bremen LOM BW, May 6th 2009.

Our navigation system brought us at the parking space of bodywork company Logemann. Of course the manager was wondering what this two strange persons where looking for. Ok, you are in search for a good place to make pictures of the beacon? He told us that by way of an ally way at the back of his buildings there was a possibility to see the beacon. Along this ally we came at the garden of a house – nobody at home – and there we made our pictures.

Route from A1 at exit 58a/b Dreieck Stuhr to BW, ca. 7 km – 8 min.
Start by taking exit 58 at the A1 and follow the signs for Oldenburg/Delmenhorst. Go onto the A28/E22 and after 3.6 km you keep right at the crossing to continue at the B75. Keep right and take after 700 metres the exit to Stuhr/Delmenhorst-Stickgras. At the crossing turn left onto the L875/Syker Strasse and follow this road for 1.1 km and then turn left onto the Annenheider Damm. Park your car here. Then behind the Logemann buildings is the ally way to a house (see photo.) Walk this path until you reach the end and you are at the garden of the house. Only in this garden is a good photo opportunity for this beacon. Don’t forget that – in case there is somebody at home - to ask permission to take photos from their garden!

photo LOM BW
LOM BW, May 6th 2009

photo LOM BW

photo gate to BW
gate to BW

photo path behind gateg
path behind the gate BW

photo pad naar locatie
path to photo location

photo Logemann

photo steet name

photo street name