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Leine VOR/DME DLE, 3 June 2008.

In the Aerad book are/where two VOR/DME's listed at two hundred metre from each other. The first was Deister (DYS), the second was Leine (DLE).
A visit to the place showed us that there was just one beacon, DLE.

Take the A7 at Hannover in southerly direction. Take exit 59-Laatzen and turn onto the B443 direction Laatzen/Pattensen/Sarstedt. Stay on this road for 3.3 km. Then go onto the B6 direction Hildesheim/Sarstedt. Follow the B6 for 8.1 km. Go left to the Hildesheimer Straße/L410, go straight on over one roundabout and follow this road until you are nearly at Götringen (ca1.3 km), go left onto the Deike Busch Straße. Just before the end of this road you turn left onto a path in between the fields. After 500 m at the crossing of paths, go to the right. This path wil first turn the to the left and then turns right. You will now see the beacon to the left of the path.

Antenna VOR/DME DLE, 3 June 2008.

photo DLE

photo DLE
At the coordinates of DYS we found this antenna of DLE.

photo DLE