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Dortmund VOR/DME DOR, 5 June 2008.

At the Dortmund airport there are a NDB and a VOR/DME at close distance. So you get two beacons with one journey.

From BOT to DOR and to DWI.
Start at the Meinberger Straße and go right onto the Bülsestraße/K3. After 0.8 km the Bülsestraße turns to the right and become the Forstweg. After 200 m, go left to stay at the Forstweg. Go left onto the L511/Nordring. After 0.5 km, go right at B226/Vinckestraße. Go straight on at one roundabout and follow the Vinckestraße for 2.4 km. Gentle curve to the right onto Kurt-Schumacher-Straße/L608. After 1 km, go left to the de Emil-Zimmermann-Allee/K4. Take after 300 m at the first turn onto the Emil-Zimmermann-Allee, direction Hannover/Oberhausen/A2 and go onto the A2. Follow the A2 – Dortmunder ring - for 44.7 km and take exit 16-Kamener Kreuz and drive on onto the A1 direction Köln/Kassel. After 8.3 km take exit 84-Unna onto the B1 direction Unna. Follow the signs direction Dortmund/B1 and go onto the B1. After 2.0 km go right onto K18/Zeche-Norm-Straße. Stay on this road for 1.2 km. This road bent to the right near at the runway and at the end of the runway to the left. Soon you pas the runway lights and the place where the beacons are located.
Please drive on to the next bent in the road, there you will find a place to park your car.

VOR/DME DOR, 5 June 2008.

photo DOR

photo DOR