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Mönchengladbach NDB MGB, May 5th 2009.

There are two beacons at the airport of Mönchengladbach. East of the middle of the runway you find NDB MGB, at the west end of the runway is VOR/DME MHV located.

Route from DY to MGB
At DY turn back to Broicherseite and go right onto this road. Beware, along this road you find a driving school (inexperienced drivers) and some stud farms (horse riders). Drive at low speed. After 200 metres you will pass a railway and 800 metres further on you turn left onto the Badendonker Strasse/L30. After 2 km, turn left onto the. L154/Osterather Strasse. Take after 300 metres at the crossing the easy bent to the right and go onto the A52. Follow the A52 9.2 km until you reach the Kreuz Neersen and take here Exit 10 to the A44 direction Mönchengladbach –Ost. Go right onto the Krefelder Strasse (follow signs for Neersen.) After 900 metres you turn right onto Flughafen Strasse. Follow the Flughafen Strasse with all its bents for 1.5 km until the end - you have passed the air terminal just before the end. Here you find some parking space and a miniature swamp with the beacon on a small dry island.

photo NDB MGB
NDB MGB, May 5th 2009.

photo MGB

photo MGB

photo air terminalw
Air terminal.

photo heron
The only flying object during our visit.

photo coot