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Mönchengladbach VOR/DME MHV, May 5th 2009.

There are two beacons at the airport of Mönchengladbach. East of the middle of the runway you find NDB MGB, at the west end of the runway is VOR/DME MHV located.

Route from MGB to MHV, ca. 2.5 km – 6 min.
Start in direction south on the Flughafenstraße and follow this road for ca 1.5 km until you reach the Krefelder Straße. Turn to the right onto the Krefelder Straße and follow this road until the road is crossing a disused railway. Park the car along this railway – at the RHS of the road.
Follow the cycle track and railway in direction Neuss. The path and rail run together under the A44 by way of a railway viaduct. Immediately after the viaduct turn right, there is a tiny path going trough the bushes (see photo.) You will now enter the airfield at the west end of the runway and you can see the beacon from here.

VOR/DME MHV, 5 mei 2009.


photo Mast en bushes
Path to the beacon

photo street corner
Street corner

photo road signs

photo direction Neuss

photo viaduct
behind the viaduct you find the airport