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Wipper VOR/DME WYP , 4 June 2008.

We know mostly two forms of VOR construction. The big one with the steel skeleton, with lots of antenna in the form of mushrooms, and the small building with the rotating antenna (in a kind of barrel) at the top.
This time we found to our surprise the system with the rotating antenna, but the antenna was located on the grass, not at the roof of a building. The Aerad book stated that there was also a NDB at this site. We didn’t find a NDB and we think that the building on the allotment is now in use for the VOR electronics. Seeing the metal post in the grass we think that there has been a big VOR on this spot, and that that one is replaced with the modern type.
This beacon is located at the Afterturpark Bergisches Land

Route from LW to WYP 23.4 km.
Don’t go back to the B484, but start in north direction at the Birken/K49 and stay on this road for 1.5 km. Go right at L84 (Schlehecken.) Follow the L84 over 11.2 km, go straight on at one roundabout. Go left at Burghof/ K20/K38 and directly there after (51 m) right onto K38/Loxsiefen. Follow the K38 for 2.6 km. Go right at Fahn/K24/K38 and after 44 m left onto the Ebbinghausen/K38. Go 1.9 km further on the K38. After the crossing with the L284, go on for 2.3 km at the L304/Tüschen. Go right onto the L146. Turn left after 2.8 km onto the Zum Wiedenhof, after 0,7 km go left onto the Höhenstraße.
After 300 m the beacon is at the LHS of this road.

VOR/DME WYP, 4 June 2008.

photo building WYP
building WYP.

photo surroundings WYP
Surroundings of WYP.