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Luxembourg TVOR LUX, 2007.

We still are racking our brains over this beacon.
What is our problem with this beacon?
The coordinates in the Aerad book give in Google Earth and on the navigator the same result. On that spot on the airport is a little building with a kind of aerial. It looks like a kind of bearing system. It doesn’t look like a VOR. Nowadays there is a list with beacons, coming from Flightsim X, and this list can be used with Google Earth. As we choose LUX in that list GE will plot a point not far from the LE beacon, at the east end of the runway. Looking at the result we must admit that we see something that looks like a VOR.

In the summer of 2007 Wim visited the LE beacon. He put on his hiking boots, put his socks over his trouser legs because of the nettles and started walking along the fence at the south east of the runway. But the runway is situated on a hill. And on the slopes of this hill grow scrubs and trees. Therefore he could not see what was on the hilltop at the spot where GE locates the VOR. And the fence is a high one.

August 1st 2008
If Wim is determined to find a beacon, he won’t give in easily. On his way to France he passed Luxembourg and tried again. First it looked like there was no way to find a spot with a view beyond the end of the runway. Then he tried the road to LE again and he noticed a difference and saw... Yes, the top of a VOR!
And now we are sure that the VOR is really at the spot we found with Google Earth. The only problem is, how to find a way to make a good photo of this beacon?

August 12th 2009
Wim is going on. Again to LUX. This time he had a stepladder in the car. But even with the ladder he couldn’t see much more of the beacon. Because of the fact that it was time for lunch he went on along the fence towards locator LE. Just past LE, last year, there was a good spot for a picnic with nice shadows. But at LE he sees something above the bushes: A small part of LUX. So now the position is exactly known, but we still don’t have a photo of the complete VOR. Will be continued…

Is there someone who can provide us with a photo of the complete TVOR?

Bearing system? 31 July 2007.

We think that this is the place with the TVOR LUX (Bron photo: Google Earth - DigitalGlobe)

photo LUX far away
I see ...?

photo LUX
LUX, 1 August 2008

photo LUX
It's really only the top.

photo vieuw at end runway
You only see it as you look twice.

photo NATO barbed wire
This means stay out!

photo LUX 2009
LUX on 12 August 2009

photo LE with VOR at arrow
LE, part of LUX at the arrow.

photo LUX near LE
Lux as seen at LE.

photo sign

photo treestump, gone the schadow
This tree gave a lot of shadow last year!
Now it's gone for the safety of the air traffic.